TUSA Prescription Mask

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TUSA Prescription Mask

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Regular Price: $349.00

Special Price $249.00



If you have poor vision, a prescription mask can be a total game changer. 

You'll get a clearer view of the fish and aquatic life, see potential hazards sooner, and find your gear on the shore more easily. 

All strenghts available - we can even accommodate different strengths in each lens.

Let us know what your lens prescription is and we will sort you out with one of these amazing masks - you will never look back!

To work out which lenses you need: from your prescription, use the figure under SPHERE which is the amount of lens power needed for each eye. If they differ eg. -2.00 & -2.50, just go with the -2.00 lenses.

Heaps of colour options.


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