Faber Steel Tank 12.2L Dumpy

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Faber Steel Tank 12.2L Dumpy

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Faber cylinders made in Italy are the standard for dive tanks. 


The 12.2L Dumpy is slightly more short and squat than other cylinders, meaning it doesn't protrude above or below the back - perfect for shorter divers.

Steel cylinders are the ultimate. Steel's superior strength allows significantly thinner wall thickness  than aluminium tanks meaning a smaller and lighter overall package for the same internal volume.  

All cylinders get more buoyant as they empty, however there is a difference between steel and aluminium. Aluminium cylidners will become positively buoyant when low on air, whereas Faber steel cylinders are still slightly negatively buoyant when low on air. This means you don't have to wear extra weights to counteract that buoyancy at the end of the dive... and a lighter weightbelt is definitely a good thing!

This package includes a 12.2L cylinder, boot and Sherwood Pro Valve.  The Pro Valve easily switches from yoke to DIN simply by removing a threaded insert.


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